Welcome to Northern Ireland Bridging Loans.

We are the only dedicated funding provider of bridging finance to borrowers in the province.

We work with a few carefully selected short term lenders who are prepared to lend to property developers, entrepreneurs and other property professionals in Northern Ireland.

Bridging Loans Northern Ireland

Whilst the LTVs may be a little bit higher than those on the mainland initially, we expect this will level out over time as more and more bridging and development finance lenders enter the market.

Indeed, recent reports highlight the fact that house prices in Northern Ireland have risen by 6% in the first 4 months of 2017.

Lending is restricted to residential bridging and development finance only, although we will look at commercial development on a case by case basis.

In January 2018, there is a brand new bridging lender entering the market that will be focusing on Northern Ireland and we will be the sole provider of their loans.

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